The Taming of the Shrew


In 16th Century Padua, Baptista’s daughter Bianca wishes to marry but her father insists that her older sister, the sharp tongued and rebellious Katharine must be married first. Petruchio, a poverty-stricken gentleman from Verona, journeys to Padua in search of a wealthy wife. There, he encounters the fiery Katharine who leads him on a merry chase as he attempts to circumvent her efforts to avoid marriage. When the embattled couple return to Padua, Kate helps Petruchio win a wager that his is the most obedient of wives but in reality, the wily Kate has found a more effective way to dominate her mate. Two sub-plots centre on the other partnerships which develop throughout the play, primarily focusing on Bianca and her suitors, but also following Hortensio’s relationship with the Widow.

COVID-19 Update

Following the Government’s guidelines issued in respect of the Coronavirus, extended committee discussions and discussions with Oliver Good at Stubbings, the scheduled performances of The Taming Of The Shrew in June 2020 were cancelled. This decision was not taken lightly but the safety and welfare of our members and our wider social responsibilities were, and continue to be, of paramount importance. It is our intention to keep the same director team with Jennamarie and James, the same cast and the same production team as planned but the new performance dates will be in 2022. When we have more information this page will be updated.

Our Cast

Petruchio Tim Harling
Katherine Grainne Harling
Bianca Kayleigh O’Connor
Lucentio Nick Stopien
Hortensio Graham Weeks
Gremio Gerard Nolan
Baptista Steve McAdam
Tranio Robert Weaver
Biondello Adam Besley
Vincentia Bernadette Nolan
Pedant Anne Rodgers
Widow Jenny Weeks
Haberdasher / Tailor Sarah Seddon
Grumio Kevin Goodfellow
Curtis TBC

More Details

This is an open air performance with the audience under cover on raised seating. This charity event will be sponsored by Grundon the UK’s leading family-owned supplier of waste management, environmental and recycling solutions, Norman & Frances Grundon and Stuart & Trish Fletcher. All proceeds will go to the national charity, Child Bereavement UK based in Saunderton, High Wycombe. In aid of: